Senior Facility Engineer
Schneider Electric
VN-65-Ho Chi Minh City
6 giờ trước

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Job Description

Senior Facility Engineer - SERE-005GVE

This position will carry out a comprehensive workplace service to ensure the reliability, safety and minimization of the environmental impact on SEMV operations meet require outcomes.

This position will define levels of quality and quantity of the workplace service to be delivery to specific areas. All levels must be aligned with IFM partner.

General Management

This position will at a minimum furnish all scopes specified workplace service including following areas :

  • Receptionist / Guest welcome
  • Catering
  • Event Management
  • Mail service
  • Event Management
  • Space Management
  • Asset Management
  • Occupancy Planning
  • Transportation
  • Moves / Add / Changes
  • Janitorial / Pest control
  • Landscaping and Ground
  • Security
  • Janitorial and waste handling

  • Perform condition-based, interval-based (scheduled), request cleaning work as needed to meet all defined standards below for the spaces that are cleaned.
  • Promptly review and adjust schedules and service levels as needed to remedy any conditions that fall outside the service level agreement and aligned standards.
  • Cleaning practices and schedules will be created to minimize disruptions or unpleasant conditions in 24 hours per day, 7 day per week operating facilities and environments.
  • Safety and risk reduction guidelines will be strictly followed in all areas, with the goal of zero safety incidents resulting from custodial activities.
  • Incident Response : spillage control
  • Landscaping and Ground

  • Ensure that plant materials are free from hazardous insects, disease, and weeds in the jurisdictions in which Service Provider is operating under the Agreement with vendor.
  • Ensure plant material is in healthy condition through the first full growing season.
  • Be responsible for maintaining all exterior areas including, but not limited to, landscaped areas, non-landscaped exterior areas, retention ponds, service yards, patios, courtyards and parking lot islands.
  • Ensure outdoor assets, including guard shacks, sheds, signs, fences, utility poles and enclosures, including any gaps or breaks in good condition
  • Ensure all signs and ground signage and markings, including for safety and according to applicable regulations and standards
  • Office supplies :

  • Set / agree to minimum stock levels by site
  • Manage stock levels of office supplies to maintain agreed minimum stock levels
  • Achieve turn-around time for fulfill or purchase / provide stationeries, office supplies within 3 working days upon ordering of supplies
  • Office supplies to be paid on an on-demand basis
  • Catering / Pantry supplies

  • Catering service, pantry services, and related operations, that meet high quality and hygienic standards are provided in accordance with local regulation.
  • End Users are highly satisfied with services.
  • Travel Arrangement / transportation

  • Be responsible for the outcomes :
  • Vehicles are provided that are safe, clean and reliable
  • Bus schedules are maintained with no delays caused by Service Provider
  • To ensure proper travelling arrangements (hotels, flights, passport, visa) for office staff and visitors
  • Work with transportation servicer to have regular inspection shuttle buses ensure safe journey for all employees
  • Provide effective, reliable and safe transportation services per the site schedule requirements at locations designated
  • Manages car rental contact and car arrangement within company
  • Control monthly payment to car vendor
  • Event management

  • Room setups will include, but not be limited to, chairs, tables, portable stages, flip charts, waste receptacles, signs, banners, TVs, projectors, room dividers, and wall partitions.
  • Be knowledgeable of all setup procedures and safety requirements for all room types.
  • Be familiar with specific conference room and cafeteria setups per site and educate Client on limitations and capabilities of each.
  • Provide instructions and diagrams, including table and room dimensions, in order to calculate room occupancy.
  • Be familiar with fire code and egress designations to ensure setups do not exceed room occupancy limits or block emergency egress.
  • Ensure the outcome :

  • Most valuable assets (its people, products and research) in a highly efficient and cost effective manner 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Respond correctly and safely to emergency situations as required by Client’s established procedures.
  • Physical security : access control; rules and regulations; Unauthorised access mitigation, parking.
  • Security Maintenance system
  • Space and Asset management under Real Estate

  • Ensure facility issues are addressed during conceptual design development. Review all design drawings and documents and work on construction activities to minimize impact to building end users.
  • Identify available space and evaluating appropriateness to meet needs while maintaining approved space standards.
  • Assist in identifying and executing energy reduction projects.
  • Schedule required facility and utility shutdowns.
  • Assist project groups and outside consulting engineers by providing information on the sites infrastructure and buildings for the purpose of constructing new facilities or the modifications of existing Client locations
  • recommend and, if accepted, lead the development of enhanced asset criticality criteria and perform the necessary criticality assessment of Client’s assets.
  • Determine which major systems and components will be maintained on a predictive basis and which will be maintained on an interval-
  • based preventative maintenance (PM) or run-to-failure basis.

  • Create risk mitigation strategies for critical assets
  • Building interiors present a safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Architectural furnishings and fixtures are maintained in a safe, secure, functional, and aesthetically pleasing condition.
  • Free standing and systems furniture will be kept in a safe, clean and professional-looking state.
  • Contractor Management

  • Manage and oversee quality of service provider to ensure Health safety and Environment compliance
  • To work with service provider to prepare and implement SOP, SLA for site operation in terms of soft services
  • Regular inspect, check quality of service and notify to service provider and other counter parts to ensure the site clean, neat, bright all times
  • Follow up actions to make sure timing completions, minimize delay / interruption of certain services.
  • 8. Other tasks

  • Arrange name card for office people
  • Assists on trainings & company events : logistic arrangement
  • Qualifications

    Education : College / University degree in Business Administration, Social Humanity, English or other relating universities

    Working Experience : -At least 3 years experience in Workplace service, project management in foreign working environment with a proven track record of successfully.

  • At least 2- year- experienced on soft services including but not limit : cafeteria, cleaning, cGMPs, landscaping, events organization, asset management, space planning.
  • Knowledgeable of food safety
  • Experienced on various projects of improving quality of soft services whilst still maintain efficiency of cost.
  • Experience on contractor management.
  • Business Understanding :

    Understanding of the manufacturing industry

    Familiar with integrated facilities management

    Administrative principles and practices

    Others (e.g. language skills, technical skills) : -University / College degree or equivalent, major in Office Administration, English or Business Administration

  • Excellent communication skills in English and Vietnamese (written and verbal)
  • Good command of Microsoft Office : Word, Excel, Email
  • Pleasant and honest personality
  • Attention to details, at ease at working with figures
  • Ability to work multi-tasks under pressure while remaining friendly and enthusiastic
  • Problem solving
  • Communication skill
  • Customer service
  • Quality service oriented.
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