Alibaba Group Global Supplier Development Channel Sales Manager-Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam
4 ngày trước

Job Description

1. Understanding the target export vendor in terms of RTM, CRM, market aspiration, pain points as well as related transaction costs and burden such as customs clearance, freight, documentation, etc.

2. Develop a local go to market plan and channel recruitment strategy with global standard and can effectively penetrate local SME community.

3. Strong contribution in channel efficiency, profit earning and organizational capacity building through data analytics, SOP and automate the business processes.

4. Leading Channel to deliver financial target as well as non-financial service goals with flexible incentive system, capacity building as well as structured report and communication mechnism.

5. Risk control on channel cash flow, P&L, meet the compliance requirement for brand use as well as customer data protection.

6. Establish a strong visibility in sales and service funnel, and take necessary steps to identify issues and improve the efficiency in every segment of the funnel in order to deliver the efficiency required to sustain 3 digit growth,

7. Coordinate with BG's marketing and BD strategy to organize influential marketing campaigns to selected industry to generate quality contactable leads and deliver better conversion rate to justify the ROI.

1. 清晰定义目标客户画像 了解其渠道通路 客户关系获取方式 成本 市场期望 痛点 以及其他出口业务相关的清关 物流 单证等.

3. 通过数据分析 流程化 标准化 自动化业务 帮助渠道建设相关组织能力来提升渠道整体销售以及盈利能力

4. 通过灵活有效的激励措施和定期的渠道能力建设和管理沟通机制 带领渠道完成财务指标和非财务业务目标

5. 风控渠道资金风险 运营成本 品牌的合规使用 以及客户信息的保护

6. 建立清晰的销售和服务转化漏斗 发现并且改进相应效率瓶颈 提高转化效率来支撑快速增长

7. 和集团联动市场BD策略 组织一系列有影响力的行业市场活动 来产生大批量可联系的高意向客户商机 提高转化效率 完成公司ROI的期望

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, 5 year plus experience in enterprise sales in Channel, Direct and BD.

2. Has deep sales team management experiences.

3. Existing relationship with local exporter as well as trade association is a plus.

4. Team Player, communication and collobration skill are must. Results Oriented in a ambiguous environment.

5. Understand P&L, Data driven, abilities to do constant capacity building for channel, cross cultural communication, fluent in written and spoken english, self motivated.

1. 大学本科及以上学历 5年以上to B渠道销售 直销 BD经验

2. 有管理各种类型的渠道销售团队的经验

3. 有本地渠道 B端外贸客户资源 本地协会商会资源优先.

4. 在快速模糊的环境 内部和外部团队的沟通和协作拿到结果的能力

5. 承担渠道P&L 数据驱动 赋能渠道 跨文化沟通 英文流利 自我驱动

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