SQEW Manager
TNHH Phát Triển Nam Hội An
Đà Nẵng
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Mô tả Công việc

In accordance with the policies, procedures and standards, this position manages and ensures delivery of clean water, water treatment, sludge treatment, and solid waste disposal.

Develop, implement and monitor environmental strategies, policies and programs that ensure compliance with environmental legislation of the host country.

Establish, implement and maintain a Quality System for the facility.


  • Supports the Director in preparing annual Engineering Budget for endorsement to the Director.
  • Implement progressive monitoring of operations expenditure and takes actions as may be needed in the event of budget overruns.
  • Seeks opportunities in reducing cost.
  • Standards Operating Procedure

  • Develops and implements Operations SOP’s for all aspects related to clean water, water treatment, sludge treatment, and solid waste management, maintaining Environmental Health and QA / QC and other related systems.
  • Monitors implementation and takes corrective actions to ensure compliance.
  • Review’s SOP’s and update at no more than 6 months interval.
  • Obtains Director, Engineering approval thru Asst. Director prior to implementation of any revisions.
  • Identifies any repeated deviations from Operations SOP’s and takes remedial action as appropriate.
  • Water and Waste Management

  • Promote effective and responsible water use, treatment, and disposal and encourage the protection and restoration of our nation's watersheds.
  • Energy & Utility Wastage

  • Based on the principle that Users are responsible for wastage , assist relevant departments / divisions in developing SOP’s designed to minimize wastage without having significant impact on customers satisfaction.
  • Provides guidance and technical support to all Engineering Groups and other departments to support their activities and improve operational effectiveness.
  • Monitors activities progressively and submits results including failure to comply with the Director of Engineering.
  • Utilities

  • Monitors utility consumption at not less than monthly intervals and analyze cost and trends. Highlights concerns and opportunities for improvements.
  • Operations

  • Coordinating all aspects for delivery of clean water, water treatment, sludge treatment, and solid waste management, pollution control, recycling, environmental health and conservation of energy.
  • Establish, implement and maintain a Quality System for the project.
  • Together with the Engineering Operations Group, plans for maximum plant operational availability.
  • Reports any concerns related to anticipated breakdowns and actual breakdowns as soon as possible to Operations so their impact can be minimized.
  • Maintenance & Program

  • Implement and following types of maintenance programs and procedures.
  • Provides a fast response team for repairs and maintenance.
  • Implements a routine Preventive Maintenance Program.
  • Implements a major annual maintenance program.
  • Implements maintenance programs for plant, equipment and systems as recommended by the manufacturers.
  • Maintenance of Gaming Area

  • Provides routine and major maintenance of gaming area in coordination with other Senior Managers.
  • Quality Maintenance and Assurance

  • Sets maintenance quality standards in collaboration with manufacturers to ensure plant and equipment operational life is in accordance with industry and manufacturers standards.
  • Target zero breakdown Standard of Maintenance.
  • Implement / follow proper QA / QC procedures by maintaining and following Project QA / QC Manual.
  • External Contracts for Maintenance

  • Assesses opportunities for outsourcing maintenance of plant, equipment and systems in collaboration with the Facilities / Support Group, Engineering and makes recommendations to the Director, Engineering.
  • IT Interfaces

  • Collaborates with the IT Group in relation to maintenance of M&E systems which interface with IT Systems.
  • Fire Life Safety Maintenance

  • Collaborates with the Safety Engineer who is responsible for managing and controlling maintenance and operation of fire life safety systems.
  • Provides maintenance support as instructed.
  • Administration

  • Manages staff in a professional manner.
  • Ensures their effective utilization and a high level of operating efficiency.
  • Company Policy

  • Ensures staffs have a complete understanding of the company policies, procedures and those related to fire and life safety, hygiene and health.
  • Enforces strict compliance with these requirements.
  • Job Description

  • Provides each member of the staff with a relevant job description and ensures they fully understand their duties and level of authority.
  • Training

  • Implements a maintenance department training program coordinated with training programs for other Engineering Departments and other Divisions that have interfaces with Engineering Maintenance.
  • Reports

  • Prepares timely reports in accordance with the approved scope and format affecting the Maintenance Department efficiency, cost and the like.
  • Confidentiality

  • Maintains confidentiality related to the Maintenance Department activities, operating incidents as may occur as well as any other information which may be regarded as confidential by nature.
  • Seek guidance from the Director, Engineering on the interpretation of this clause when needed.
  • Document Control

  • Ensures that all Departments’ maintenance documents are managed as set out in the Document Control Procedures and Standards.
  • Recommends and executes management policies to transfer, suspend, re-assign, or discipline employees.
  • Reports accidents, injuries and unsafe work conditions to superiors.
  • Performs other reasonable job duties as assigned by superiors from time to time.
  • Yêu Cầu Công Việc

  • Degree or Advance Diploma in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, Safety & Quality Degree.
  • Minimum fifteen (15) years’ experience in Safety and Quality of facilities and casinos including water treatment, sludge treatment, disposal of waste water sewerage and quality system.
  • Has genuine interest in and understanding of environmental issues and relevant legislation.

  • Experience in Engineering Budget & Forecast & Budget Control.
  • Good Command in both written and spoken English.
  • Good working knowledge in PC Skills and use of all MS Office Applications, including Outlook.
  • Excellent technical knowledge in mechanical engineering.
  • Good working knowledge of Clean Water, Water Treatment, Sludge Treatment, Waste Water and Sewerage System and their maintenance requirements.
  • Good leadership and able to make sound decision and perform other duties when required.

  • Good problem-solving skills, hands on approach and attention to details.
  • Proficiency in both spoken and written Vietnamese& English is a must.
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